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You might be missing up to 98% of leads because you simply don’t know who is visiting your site – what if there was a tool that could close that gap for you?

Having insight into who is using your website, what they are viewing, and where they came from is incredibly valuable information, particularly in B2B and niche industries where the prospective client pool might be relatively small but average order value may be significant.

There are several tools out there that can help you do this; we use Leadfeeder, and we’ll explain why!


Our needs / problems solved

Having this insight into your website users shows the true value of your traffic. It closes the gap in B2B between who you think you attract, and who you do attract.

Leadfeeder allows you to distinguish between ‘passing’ traffic (i.e. from bots, search engine spiders, home users) and ‘active’ traffic (i.e. people who may want to buy your product or service). You can then identify real prospects and take a proactive approach to lead generation and conversion.

It then bridges the gap between marketing and sales by allowing marketing teams to effectively funnel warm prospects to your CRM for sales teams to follow up.

The ability to set up custom feeds and automation gives us flexibility to focus on the things that matter for each individual project or client. We’ve recently been working on a video campaign for a client, and Leadfeeder allows us to see which videos are engaging new prospects, and as a result, we can more effectively report on ROI and project objectives.


Why Leadfeeder?

As we’ve mentioned, there are several tools out there that can help you to understand your website users and effectively manage lead generation, but we’ve found Leadfeeder works the best for us.

It widely integrates with other tools that we use, both internally and for our clients, from Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, through to our CRM and email marketing platforms.

We really like Leadfeeder’s engaged support team that helped us get up and running and are on hand if we need them. 

We’ve also found it to be much more cost effective than alternative tools. With automatic ISP filtering and the ability to hide irrelevant leads, you only pay for qualified leads.


Final thoughts

We like Leadfeeder so much that we became a certified partner to help our B2B clients discover new prospects. This also means we can offer you an extra 7-day free trial of Leadfeeder.

If digital problems are getting in the way of your success, talk to us to see how we could help you solve them.

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