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No, this isn’t a dodgy Christmas cracker joke – analytics is a serious area to get right!

Analytics is a vital part of any business strategy. That’s as true for the bosses of a global superstore as it is for the independent trader selling goods online.

One other figure who can, perhaps unexpectedly, profit using analytics is no other than Mr Christmas himself – Santa Claus. Hear us out, we know what you’re thinking, Father Christmas doesn’t need that sort of technical knowhow, or does he?

All over the world people adore the magic of Christmas. The season of goodwill, sparkly lights and chocolate for breakfast. But presents being delivered to every well-behaved boy, girl and adult in every location, by reindeer sleigh – now that’s special.

The magic of Christmas? It's all down to analytics, of course.. Credit: Pixabay

The magic of Christmas? It's all down to analytics, of course.. Credit: Pixabay

It’s almost unfathomable. How can Father Christmas, Rudolph and friends actually manage it? Well, they must be investing in a pretty decent analytics strategy, obviously!

To embrace the festive fun, the ever-eager team at Everest Media have come up with FIVE big reasons why Father Christmas could be the ultimate analytics master.

We know that Mr Claus’s ultimate business goal is for everyone to be nice all year round. Essentially, he sets out to achieve this by the promise of presents, but there’s a lot more to consider along the way.

Why Santa is the ultimate master of analytics:

Keeping up with the current trends

In 2014 everyone wanted an Elsa from Frozen figurine, while in 2002 Bratz were the most sought-after dolls on the market. In 1998 everyone wanted a Furby, it was all about the Smurfs in 1981, there was Barbie fever in the 50s and way back in 1929 everyone wanted – yes – Yo-Yos. You get the picture.

Father Christmas needs to be able to predict market changes to ensure that he enhances the likelihood of every person trying hard to be good all year. By not identifying major trends or opportunities - or ignoring how his target audience engage with the gifts - he will be missing out on a lot of potential niceness.

Everest Media’s Christmas Toy Report has given him a helping hand in 2018. Take a look at which gifts immediately sparked interest from Argos and John Lewis shoppers. It’s very interesting!


Targeting the right children (and adults!)

As Fred Astaire sang, Mr Claus is an expert at finding out who’s naughty or nice. How else will he know who deserves the top presents and who gets the coal?

By assessing which children have the most tendency to be on the naughty list, it won’t take him long to know who is interested in being good this Christmas – and who isn’t.

He can, of course, look at past performance and ongoing analytic studies to arrive at this conclusion. We like to think there’s a permanent reporting dashboard being monitored at his North Pole HQ – though, that is a pretty ominous thought!

Understand the audience

Once Santa identifies which children and adults deserve to be showered in festive treats, he must know how best to reward them.

It’s no good giving ‘Tiny Tim’ Cratchit an XXL Christmas jumper or Kevin McCallister a last-minute lift to the airport.

By looking at the preferences of each and every nice person in the world – and assessing past performance of gifts from other years – we reckon he’s got it covered.

So, while you leave out a carrot for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, it seems Santa Claus had his Christmas cookies out all year-round!

Has he got the best reindeer for the job?

There’s always time for a good analytics audit, especially if you’re Mr Claus. The Christmas conversion rate needs to be faultless, after all!

Santa knows that children won’t deliver what his business model craves – being nice all year round – if they do not enjoy a great Christmas UX. If the reindeer are not coping with the workload or the sleigh is out of service, it could be the end of Christmas cheer as we know it.

By analysing the unique reindeer systems and performance levels, Mr Claus can ensure that all goes to plan. If Dasher and Blitzen’s pace levels aren’t up to par it may be time to invest in new models or strategies.

Let’s not even start on GPS tracking..

How will he measure success?

Did Santa achieve his goal? Were there record-breaking levels of niceness? Are gift satisfaction rates at an all-time high? These are all the big questions that need fast, accurate answers.

How else can Mr Claus plan for the future? It’s no good continuing with the same ol’ strategy if it’s not fulfilling the business objective. The only way the North Pole office staff can understand what worked (and what didn’t) is by looking at good data.

It may just be once every year that he has to turn on the magic, but that will soon come around! So, the reporting dashboards must be customised to all his KPI needs and performance metrics – giving him speedy insights – even when he’s sleigh-bound.

This way he’ll know if his plans paid off. He can then decide to act, maybe investing more heavily in certain toy markets or reducing spend on a particular goodwill marketing strategy.

So, how can you do analytics like Santa?

We know what you’re thinking, Mr Claus is an exceptionally busy man. How in the name of Christmas can he keep an eye on his analytics while taking on his busiest time of year?!

Well, he may have taken a long-term analytical approach and is able to do it himself. This way he is well ahead of the game and will be Christmas 2019 ready before this year’s decorations even come down.

That said, he’s not getting any younger. To ease the burden perhaps he could pass it on to another team. There may not be many elves at Everest Media, but we know a thing or two (and more!) about analytics.

So, if you’re reading this big man – we’re here if you need us! Though, we’re not just for Christmas, and will be more than happy to assist any person or business (reindeer or no) with their analytics, whatever the season.

To find out how Everest Media can by your digital success partner have a browse of our services, previous work and expertise. If you like what you see, we’re only an email, call or visit away.

(Note to Santa, there isn’t a chimney at the Pool Innovation Centre, but there is adequate sleigh parking)

Merry Christmas, and happy analysing!

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