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There are a lot of important things to consider in business. Yes, profit and growth will be right up there. But for Everest Media, our set of core values will always come first.

Of course, every company will claim to have a set of strong beliefs and moral standards which influence their practice, we know. But we must stress that here at Team Everest our values really are at the heart of everything we do, and that’s a promise.

After all, the Everest Story isn’t so much about a business – it’s about the people behind it. The couple who made the courageous decision to set it up, the team of talented professionals they brought together and our clients who we’ve partnered with to succeed together.

Everest Media wasn’t just set up to be an agency with only quick, easy growth and profit in mind. We all want to be the best we can be, and we want to share our incredible office spirit with you.

So, what are Everest Media’s core values?

We believe passionately in what we do, the relationships we build and our wider impact. These important beliefs translate into the objectives, ambitions and values which drive everything we do:

  • We take responsibility. We honour our commitments; we're accountable for our actions and decisions. We contribute solutions, not problems and we take ownership of our work. 
  • We focus on quality. We don't do shoddy work. We understand the bigger picture, take pride in our work, and make a positive impact. 
  • We collaborate. We love to collaborate because success is built on relationships. We know by working together we will achieve more!
  • We're always learning. We're bold, we suggest new things, we're open to new ideas, and we embrace change. Learning new things is normal to us. 
  • Above all else, we're kind to everyone. Yes, we're a business, but we're all human. We show we care, we're respectful, we're positive, we think before we speak, and we support our colleagues.

These principles are not just here to make the page look pretty, they are vital to the Everest identity. We promise to take a human approach and base decisions on our values and the business that we want to be.

We profoundly believe in people, and making sure individuals can meet their true potential. But this needs to be done in the right way. Big efforts have been made to make sure that Team Everest is made up of people who share the same ethics and vision.

At Everest Media, we love chasing big projects – but our values always come first. Credit: Toby Weller.

After all, you often spend more time with your work colleagues than your families – so enjoying time together is a must! If we’re not working hard in the office, we’ll be out team building and getting to know each other.

We also believe in the perfect work/ life balance. So, where better to be based than Cornwall? Our home gives us several advantages, not just in life but also in business. Check them out here.

So, Everest Media’s values are real. They’re exciting and each one of us gets a huge sense of both individual and united pride out of them. They can help us serve you and your business, they commit us to delivering what we promise, and doing that in the most efficient and impressive way possible.

To find out more about how we’ve implemented our core values while we’ve worked, check out some of our case studies. Of course, it’s all very well hearing us say all of this! But why not hear how our clients have enjoyed working with Everest Media too!

Remember, if there’s ever anything else you’d like to know about Everest Media and how we can become your Digital Success Partner – we’re just a call, visit or email away!

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