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Ensure your content is focused and relevant for maximum success.

As a rookie magazine journalist, one of the great pieces of advice my first editor gave me was: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Now, this might sound rude, or just weird, but the KISS principle is a great guideline for any content producer – whether it’s print, or digital.

KISS is said to have originated as a design principle in the US Navy in the 1960s. The concept being that most systems work best if they’re kept simple, therefore unnecessary complexity should be avoided.


Of course, I’m not advocating the dumbing down of content, or being dictated to by the lowest common denominator; creative flourishes and a sprinkling of flamboyant vocabulary can be great. But all content, whether it’s published on your site, social media channels, or heck, even in print, MUST have a clear purpose – a reason for being, rather than just ‘because’. It must solve a problem, inform, or at the very least, entertain.

‘Inform and entertain’ was (and hopefully still is) the magazine mantra: meaning we always had the reader in mind. Creating digital content is no different.

Deliver on the contract

It comes down to needs and expectations. Your content must fulfil a need: it’s got to answer a question, or query; to solve a problem. And, rightly, your audience has expectations. Effectively, it’s a contract entered into by both parties: you give me five minutes of your time; I’ll make it worth your while by giving you something decent to read/watch/view.

So, once you’ve got a user’s attention, you’ve got make good on your part of the deal. This of course means it’s vital we avoid the temptation to publish vanity pieces – the internet is far too full of these already.

Coming from an editorial background has stood me in good stead for respecting quality content, the importance of the (sub) editing process and the critical need for it to be relevant.

These are areas that some ‘digital natives’ may be less familiar with. This is not a criticism, just a reality of their journey to content creation, and something that can be easily improved with the right processes, training and guidance.

Feeding the beast

As we all know, digital channels are hungry beasts – devouring content as quickly as it can be produced. So the luxury of a deadline that’s not NOW, can be a rare one. But hastily thrown-together content, or content littered with errors, will always reflect badly on your business or brand. Not to mention the negative effect that poor quality or ‘thin’ content can have on your SEO.

This is all well and good, but how do you go about producing high quality, relevant, focused content, on a regular basis and often against competing priorities?

We can help

If you’ve got a content team this is clearly going to be a lot easier than if it’s just down to just you – finding time to knock something up, in between sending invoices, ordering stationery and updating your 12-month road-map!

If this sounds familiar, maybe we can help. At Everest Media, we produce outstanding content for a wide range of clients, in a number of different markets. From B2B, to B2C and everything in between. As an accomplished digital marketing agency we have the experience and expertise to produce high quality, engaging content, that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of your business. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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