Five key areas you need to master for digital success

Five key areas you need to master for digital success

Is your business looking to take its first steps on a digital journey? Are you unsure where best to concentrate your efforts? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

At Everest Media we are passionate about supporting others to discover digital success. We know there are lots of things to consider when you’re first creating and promoting a website.

Having a well-performing site will make your business model more credible. It means that you’re accessible around the clock and your information will be presented in a convenient manner.

The better your website, the more rewards you can reap. So, where do you start? For lots of businesses, this is often the toughest question – but it doesn’t have to be.

We believe in taking a step back and sketching out your big ideas as part of a growth strategy, preferably with a rather large cup of tea and copious amounts of chocolate biscuits.

Once you know where you want to go and how you want to get there, you’re away! You can then get started on your website’s design and development, before optimising success with SEO, strategy and measuring this with analytics.

That all seems pretty simple, right? Well, don’t worry – we’ll go into more detail during this article. We’ll also explain how Team Everest has delivered these services for businesses worldwide, allowing them to reach impressive digital milestones.

Growth strategy

So, this is where the exciting journey begins. Essentially, it involves working out what you would like to achieve and the steps that you need to take to get there. You can be super creative with it. We recommend getting a box of Sharpies and plenty of paper!

Why is this an important first step? Without a strong growth strategy, you can waste a lot of time – and money – chasing things that simply don’t suit your business.

After all, around 50% of businesses are currently missing out because they do not have a clear vision. Which half are you in?

If done right, it will set out a blueprint for your entire business journey. You will be creating a strong backbone for all of your future work.

We’ve done this first-hand at Everest Media, and it’s something we’re really passionate about. Need to know more? Look no further; check out our guide to creating a successful growth strategy.


Part art, part science; design follows on nicely from growth planning. This is all about making sure your site looks the part, as well as ensuring people can use it effectively too.

Aim to build a flawless visual language, which speaks to your digital guests in the best way. Basically, if people are not happy navigating your website you will be in big trouble – no matter how good a service you’re offering.

There is no loyalty online, having a site that is well designed is of paramount importance. If something is difficult or confusing to use a customer will simply leave, and likely not return. They may even warn others about your complicated set-up, tarnishing your brand’s reputation.

Design, like your overall growth strategy, will serve as the master plan referred to as your digital creation progresses. 

Find out how our design work helped during the creation of a brand-new homepage for a leading European publisher.


Now you can spring into action! Development is all about building – but doing so in the most productive, valuable and efficient way. This service strives to transform someone’s digital problems into a slick solution.

Development is simply the work involved to make sure that your website is fit for the internet. Basically, it’s the non-design part of crafting a website and involves a lot of technical expertise and coding know-how.

Building, optimising and maintaining a site is all part of the process. It will feature an array of web design, programming and publishing, as well as a healthy dose of database management.

At Everest Media, we strive to be your digital success partner. Credit: Toby Weller

In short, a bespoke software development service can help transform failing sites into secure, scalable, steadfast and speedy platforms. Team Everest has vast experience in designing slick and frictionless sites.

We understand what it takes to make websites sing and have the expertise to deliver this. Currently, our client sites serve millions of visitors a month. Reaching these kinds of numbers is made possible thanks to a top-class design and development service.

Our team work across multiple languages, frameworks and technologies. We can design and build resilient solutions, which can cope with high web traffic without breaking a sweat.

Find out how our development work has boosted the digital performance of businesses, ranging from a leading energy consultancy to a prominent broker technology provider.


Flawless Search Engine Optimisation is like gold-dust. It is crucial for the continued success of any website, whether the key objective is to be a source of information or to serve physical goods.

More than 40% of revenue from a website is captured by organic traffic. Google also claim that more than 39% of purchases are influenced by a relevant search.

Unlike paid media, SEO techniques provide a proven and longstanding return on investment (ROI). Even after an SEO campaign finishes, a well-optimised website will continue to flourish.

So, solid SEO can provide significant long-term value and is certainly not a marketing channel to ignore. But you need to understand that SEO is a skill which requires specialist knowledge and involvement, as well as regular upkeep. It can’t be rushed or mastered overnight.

We like to begin with a comprehensive research and auditing process, determining a site’s organic footprint alongside their competitors. Then we can begin architectural and technical optimisation, to really drive results!

Find out how our SEO work has enhanced our client’s prominent software review website. Also, be sure to check out our Five Tips for SEO Success.


This one can’t be ignored. You will need to accurately measure performance against your digital goals. Analytics can help you identify key trends and unlock opportunities to fuel growth.

Understanding how customers engage with your content, service or products can give you priceless insight. It can also provide welcome reassurance that you’re following the right tactics.

Good analytics is an essential component that should be used to influence your digital strategy. Increased knowledge of what drives performance can be used to direct campaigns and fully equip you to fine-tune future performance both on and offline.

It’s not all about big data. Focus should start with reliable data, presented in a way that you can easily interpret insights. It can be difficult to know where to start if you’re not an expert, but with the right analytics tools and support, it can be a game changer for your business.

Team Everest’s seasoned team of digital professionals are masters of analytics. We have helped leading brands, from all around the world, set-up and use analytics to improve performance.

Find out how we used analytics to support a market leader for UK business answering services.

Final thoughts

Of course, there’s a lot more to consider about these areas. But hopefully this has given you a decent flavour of how perfecting your performance in them will unlock greater digital opportunities.

At Everest Media, our experts routinely deliver a high-end and dedicated service – including work or advice regarding all of the above. Our work is completely tailored to suit the needs of your business, we understand that everyone will have different needs!

Work with us and you’ll be dealing with analytics experts, digital strategists and certified developers under the same roof, providing and end-to-end, first-rate service.

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