How can your business thrive in a new world?

Get your recovery action plan in our COVID-19 research report.

How can your business thrive in a new world?

Despite the challenges the pandemic has presented, we're in a time of great opportunity for business in Cornwall

"What do Disney, IBM, Airbnb, WhatsApp, Microsoft, and Uber have in common? Each found an opportunity to start up during a recession, the worst possible time to launch.
They show us that those who have the vision and courage to adapt will be the winners of tomorrow."
- Samuele Armondi, MD

So what are the opportunities, and how can we leverage them to grow our businesses? 

We've been speaking to business leaders across a range of industries and analysed data available to understand the impact of the pandemic and what the future holds for businesses in Cornwall and the South West. 

You'll find our learnings, industry insights, and 5-step recovery action plan in our COVID-19 research report.

In the report we outline the opportunity for Cornwall's local economy in the new world as we navigate through and beyond the pandemic. You'll learn how to leverage these opportunities to help your business thrive, learning from real business successes over the lockdown period.

"Hospitality, leisure and culture make up around 32% of Cornwall’s jobs, 30% of our GDP and 40% of our businesses. Faced with the prospect of significantly lower demand, now is the time to innovate across both product offering and route to market."

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