How did an award winning housing provider save money while improving customer service?

How did an award winning housing provider save money while improving customer service?

For Livin, a local housing provider managing over 8,400 homes across County Durham, delivering a brilliant customer experience is their top priority. To do so, the Livin team needed to transform how they deliver their services to put their customers first.

Reviewing their existing systems, Livin realised that their customers were struggling to find the information they were looking for on their website, which meant a high volume of queries into the Livin call centre, not only expensive for the company but frustrating for the customer.

From a user perspective, making it easier for customers to find and complete the most common actions onsite would improve the customer experience. From a business perspective, encouraging customers to use self-service systems onsite would reduce queries received through the call centre and reduce cost of service.

Creating brilliant digital experiences

Livin’s appetite to work with a partner with both the technical ability and the willingness to support them in pushing the boundaries of brilliant digital experiences, not typical of the housing sector, led them to Everest.

Everest started with a Discovery phase, building an understanding of Livin’s website users and real life customers and enabling them to map out a digital transformation project with their biggest pain point, the website, at the centre. The Discovery phase brought to light the need for the in-house Livin team to be left with the tools to manage their ongoing transformation, such as copy-writing guidelines, tone of voice and training to make sure the team could be self-sufficient.

A combination of in-depth user research and customer journey mapping with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX) helped shape the new Livin platform that has seen a 40% reduction in bounce rate and a 25% increase in customers looking at properties.

“Everest provided a full digital service throughout the build, not just the website. The level of expertise around SEO, CRO and UX has been second to none.” - Livin

How can your business learn from Livin?

1. What does the data tell you?

The team at Livin knew that they needed to deal with their website and create a platform built around their customer and how they wanted to use the site. Not only did they have data which informed this decision, they also worked with Everest to make sure user research and data helped shape the right platform for their audience.  

2. Spend money to save money

If there’s one thing the pandemic has done, it’s help businesses quickly see any weaknesses in their model, supply chain, market etc. Livin knew they were receiving too many expensive calls into their call centre that were simple enquiries people would prefer to solve online. They were able to build long term cost savings into their business by transforming the way their customer services were delivered.  

3. Take the time to Discover

A Discovery phase at the beginning of each project really helps make sure that the problem is being approached in the right way. It’s an affordable way of managing risk in a project, making it almost impossible for you to end up investing money into a platform that your customers don’t want and your team can’t use. 

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