How we collaborate with our trusted delivery partners to deliver bigger and better projects

How we collaborate with our trusted delivery partners to deliver bigger and better projects

Quickly expand our team whilst ensuring quality? No problem.

Our team isn't tiny, but we're not huge, either. And sometimes we're asked - "are you large enough to cope with this project?".

The short answer is yes, we are. But the long answer is about much more than coping with specific projects. It's about how we've spent many years cultivating a network of trusted specialists who know how we work, share our values, and support our permanent team when needed.

So how do we do it?

First, we invest time to build relationships with delivery partners. Not relationships built on contracts, but relationships built on shared values and mutual trust. This means spending time talking partners through our agile delivery approach, training them on some of the tools we use, and making sure we have a good framework in place for working together. This might mean they join our morning stand-ups, track time through our project management tools, and pair up with one of our permanent team members.

So, when we're tackling larger projects, we have a pool of awesome specialists ready to get started. 

But it's not all about us. Great freelancers are in demand, so we try our hardest to be an attractive partner. All of our delivery partners have access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Coverage under our liability insurance
  • Use of our (pretty cool) offices, even if they're working for other clients
  • Use of our awesome coffee machine and beer fridge
  • Where relevant, access to training and development opportunities
  • Generous referral scheme for new business introductions

We're always on the lookout for new partners to join us. Could we be a good fit for each other? Let's talk.


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