Is having a framework important when it comes to development?

Is having a framework important when it comes to development?

A framework is a vital part of successful development, at least that's the view of our developers.

In fact, they say that frameworks, in the digital sense, are crucial. Think of it like choosing a Swiss Army Knife rather than delving into a random tool drawer at the drop of a hat. Basically, an effective web framework will save you a lot of time in the long run.

In short, they provide a template and structure to the wider creation, service and the APIs of a web page. So, with that in mind, it is obviously important to pick the right framework.

Our Senior Developer, Dean Marcussen, is a proven expert in complex and integrated solutions. From being an award-winning novelist to a Microsoft Certified systems engineer, Dean’s talents are far reaching.

When he is not penning works of fiction you will usually find Dean writing code. All too familiar with the importance of frameworks, he has shared his views on the matter below.

Everest Media's Dean Marcussen explains the beauty of having a framework

“Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club author) said that to get to the heart of a novel, boil the essence of it down to a single sentence,” said Dean.

“Recently I was asked to work on a project that was nearing the end of its phase one cycle.

The product was built on an agile basis, with an intended lifecycle of around ten years. That is assuming that it met the customer’s expectations and progressed past phase one.”

The backend of Dean's project was built around a DDD framework, constructed with SOLID principles. As such it was easy to understand and work with, due to the nature of the framework.

He added: “The front end of the project however had been built around MVC/JQuery. As I was tasked with making subtle improvements, and extending features, my instinct told me that it needed to be based around a framework.

“I started asking if it was early enough in the product lifecycle to justify a migration. As I got a deeper feel for the solution, I realised what my gut was telling me.

“JQuery isn’t a framework, it’s a tool. Around that tool a significant amount of time had been invested in writing JQuery extensions, to meet the project needs. This formed the basis of a rudimentary framework.

“The essence of this project was simple. If you don’t have a framework, you will end up writing one.”

So, why are frameworks that important?

Frameworks will affect sustainability, security, usability and efficiency. Having a well-known and active one is vital, and will allow developers greater resources and tools.

Ideally you want to implement the right framework from the first go. This is because it will take a lot of effort if you choose to switch later on.

Though some will argue that they’re not a complete necessity, frameworks are incredibly useful. It means that products, created using a clear framework, will be compatible with recognised standards.

In short, having a framework will almost always ensure quality and understanding.

Frameworks make the working lives of our Development team just that little bit simpler

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