Masterclass: Keeping control of IT projects (when you’re not an IT specialist)

Masterclass: Keeping control of IT projects (when you’re not an IT specialist)

Thursday 22 October
11.30am - 12.30pm
Live session via Zoom

Digital transformations and IT projects can be extremely costly and if you’re not a business leader with a tech specialism, it’s not always easy to hold your project team to account. This can result in big gaps between the business and IT, leaving your leadership teams feeling trapped by late, over-budget projects.

Join Everest Managing Director, Samuele Armondi in this hands on, one hour session and learn how to keep control of IT projects.

You’ll walk away with practical tips and an understanding of the common warning signs that will help you keep internal IT teams or external contractors on track and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.


You’ll learn:

  • Why are some IT projects so painful?
  • You’re not alone – a look at industry trends
  • The anatomy of a great IT project
  • Spotting the warning signs
  • Rescuing a team or project in difficulty
  • The role of the leadership team

Is this masterclass right for you?

You’ll find this session valuable if you’re a business leader, senior executive or manager with a responsibility for IT projects but without the technical knowledge to feel confident pushing back or challenging the project team.

Or you might be a senior marketing lead or transformation lead, with the responsibility to outsource platform development, software and systems or deliver digital transformation, and need some tips on managing outsource agencies.

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