Our step-by-step guide to creating a successful growth strategy

Our step-by-step guide to creating a successful growth strategy

Having a growth strategy is vital. Without one you can waste a lot of time – and money – chasing things that simply don’t suit your business.

In fact, 50% of businesses are currently missing out because they don’t have a clear vision – which half are you in?

One person who understands the importance of strategy only too well is Allanah Armondi, our co-founder. Launching Everest Media with husband Sam back in 2014, she remains a driving force behind our success and growth.

Before Everest, her career history spanned the healthcare, energy and lifestyle sectors. She also launched a very successful dog walking brand, before deciding to put her heart and soul into Everest.

Now she has revealed how businesses can establish an effective growth strategy in just five straightforward steps.

Why a growth strategy is vital – according to Everest Media’s Allanah Armondi

“It’s great to have huge ambitions and exciting plans, but a growth strategy is a wonderful way of making you first focus on the smaller things that really matter,” says Allanah.

“Done right, it will set out a blueprint for your entire business journey. It’s not just about marketing, it’s about growth. If you focus on your strategy you can create a backbone for all your future work.

“How do we know? We’ve been there! We’ve done it first-hand at our business, Everest Media. For a little while we were trying to grow every part of the business in one go, with no actual strategy in place.”

This meant Everest Media ended up with no clear direction and didn’t see the results the team hoped for. It was at this point that Allanah and co realised how vital a growth strategy was.

She added: “We needed a strategy so that we could focus on where we wanted to grow, how exactly we could do that and how to do so in an achievable, realistic timeframe. It worked for us, now we want to help others to see the same success!”

Below is Allanah's step-by-step guide every business can adopt to create an effective growth strategy. It really can work for all types of business, no matter the size, industry, goals or vision.

Allanah's guide to creating a successful growth strategy

1 - Where do you start?

This is the most daunting question of any journey, but taking a simple approach works best. Sit down with a huge sheet of paper and (most importantly) copious amounts of coffee!

Start by looking at the avenues of your business that you would like to grow, and which ones are going to offer the best return.

It’s worth considering what you want to be famous for. What do you think you can do better than anyone else? These questions are a great starting point for your business vision.

2 - Clearly define your vision

Once all the coffee is gone and you have ink all over your hands, it’s time to pull it all together. You must now clearly define your vision.

This can be you deciding that you want to be ‘Cornwall’s best gin maker’, or that you want to see a big uptake in digital sales. The exciting point is, it could be anything.

Don’t forget – once you know it, share it. Make sure your whole team understand your dream and get a say in shaping it. After all, they’ll be the ones helping make it a reality.

3 - Figure out three or five goals to support that vision

For each goal, you need to discover the smallest possible steps to achieving them. Work from the bottom up, lay the foundations and you will create stable success.

This will also enable you to work out how best to spend your money. Whereas before you may have pumped a lot of funds into bettering one aspect of your vision, this way you can work out what needs the most attention and budget allocation.

4 - Get to work

It’s simple, but effective. Once you’ve discovered your goals, set out to smash them.

Don’t be afraid to start slowly, a goal can be as simple as planning an email. Figure out what the next small steps are that you can take, and then repeat.

5 - Enjoy the benefits

Importantly, you must think of a strategy as a journey. You don’t reach your destination immediately, however what you should see straight away is that you’re heading in the right direction.

So, if you’ve set your goals correctly and you begin to take small steps to achieve those, you’ll very quickly see your growth journey materialise.

Why should Everest Media be your digital success partner?

Don’t worry if you’re still wondering how to begin your growth journey, adds Allanah. We’re always here if you need suggestions, feedback, hands-on support (and yes, more coffee) to help you along the way.

We don’t just help create strategies and then walk away. As a Digital Marketing Agency and a Software Development Agency, we have in-house technical and digital expertise, meaning we can guide any business every step of the way to best achieve their goals.

Everest Media truly enjoys working in partnership with clients to deliver on that strategy. We share all of your goals, jump for joy with you and support if things get tough.

Interested in finding out more? It all starts with a simple chat. We’re just a call, email or visit away!

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