The Everest story

The Everest story

We all have a story. Everest Media’s is one of courage, innovation and success - and it's only just started.

In just a matter of years Sam and Allanah Armondi have witnessed their ambitious business plan transform into something exciting and extraordinary.

The digital agency has rapidly evolved; from the husband and wife team of two into a dynamic and ever-growing group of 18.

You will now find the award-winning company based within the slick surroundings of the Pool Innovation Centre in Cornwall. A far cry from its spare bedroom beginnings. It also boasts a plethora of world-class clients, ranging from leading energy consultancies and a national German newspaper to being on the UK Government’s suppliers list.

Specialising in SEO, Design, Analytics and Development, Everest Media is now a convenient one-stop-shop for businesses searching for a Digital Success Partner. But this business wasn’t born out of privilege or luck. It was created by ordinary people who had a vision and worked hard to see it succeed.

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How did it all begin?

Sam and Allanah co-founded the company in 2014. They initially ran it from their home in Blackpool, the seaside town where they first met.

“We had a sort of itch,” explains Sam. “We were working for other people and it just wasn’t achieving what we wanted to do.

“It’s not as if we wanted to be millionaires. We simply wanted to be in charge of our own business success, we wanted a better work-life balance.”

First office

The couple kept thinking about taking the leap into self-employment, but the time was never right.

“Eventually - February 27 2014- the time was as terrible as it could have been,” added Sam. “We had a two-year-old and we didn’t really have the spare cash to start a business. But we thought ‘it’s time’, so we founded Everest Media.”

“It’s easy to think that we started with a big pile of cash, shiny offices, mentorship and support and this, that and the other. But none of that was there.

“We didn’t really have any capital behind us or funding, but what we did have was this vision.”

Combining his technical expertise with Allanah’s content flare the couple’s business had solid foundations, and wasted no time in delivering.

Both still have warm memories of buying their first office furniture, including a £35 chair from eBay and an IKEA desk. Their first bin even remains in the office today, as a reminder of how far they have come.

Destination Cornwall

Cornwall was always a special setting for Allanah. So, not before long, Everest Media relocated to the Duchy. It was all thanks to a throwaway comment during a holiday meal.

Allanah recalls: “I used to visit Cornwall on holiday a lot as a child. On the way home I would regularly cry all the way up the A30 as I didn’t want to leave.”

“In 2015 we were having a meal in St Ives, sitting outside and watching the sunset over the harbor. I just said to Sam, ‘we should live here’, and after hardly eight weeks we had sold our house and moved down!”

Fast forward a few years and the Armondi family have no regrets about moving their business to Kernow. In fact, they say that they are in a much better position because of it – it has given them that “perfect balance” of business and lifestyle that they craved.

But also, it has had an incredible effect on their business itself. It has provided Everest with the perfect springboard to take itself from a bedroom start-up to a heavyweight contender. Inspiring growth and providing the opportunities to mix with like-minded individuals, moving to Cornwall was truly a turning point for Everest Media.

Team Everest

Once rooted in Cornwall, Sam and Allanah began to swiftly and efficiently expand their team. Soon a group of high caliber professionals, from a variety of industries, were assembled to join the journey.

Gareth Preston, who previously worked on software development and cyber security within the UK Government’s Ministry of Defense, joined as Head of Technical Practice. Then Claire Edwards, who previously had a senior position within a large digital marketing agency, also arrived. Ellen Rogers, who had more than a decade's worth of experience in diverse digital deliveries across the globe, became Everest's Head of Production as well.

Appointments like these gave Everest Media a huge vote of confidence. With 2018 being a bumper year for recruitment, more and more exciting experts are getting involved and strengthening Team Everest.

“There are so many things about Everest Media that I am just so proud about,” added Sam.

“But the office culture is right up there. We have an amazing team who are so brilliant at what they do.

“We have come to realise that the story of Everest Media isn’t about a company, it’s about the people behind the brand. Hire the best and then get out of their way! If you empower your staff, they will succeed on your behalf.”

A clear set of special values are shared by one and all at Team Everest. It complements a working environment which breeds productivity and rewards excellence.

The team are now based in a magnificently modern office space, with Everest Media’s personality shining brightly out of its bespoke furnishings.

It has not gone unnoticed either. Business Cornwall commented: “Rarely do you find the strength and depth of this level across such a broad service offering”.

The wider ambition

Everest Media has a clear goal, to be rated as a Top 100 UK Agency within the next three years. This passionate team also wants to be the leading company of their kind in the South West.

Helping to continue supporting the wider technology sector in Cornwall is also important at Everest. In striving to assist putting the Duchy on the map for tech, Everest is always reaching out to Cornish businesses looking to achieve digital success.

“Running a business is hard,” adds Sam. “But we are just delighted with how far we have come in terms of growth and success, in just four years”

“There is a genuine excitement here about how far we can go and where we can take Everest.”

What can Everest do for you?

Being the best Digital Success Partner for their clients is right at the heart of Everest Media’s DNA. The business makes a personal investment in its clients and views the relationship as a shared journey.

Your needs are always put first, and thanks to a growing workforce Everest can now fulfill a complete range of digital services. Because of this we continue  to work with more and more world-class clients.

Why not take a look at our wider site or feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Keep up to date with our Everest Media blog to stay fully informed as our exciting journey continues to grow.

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