The importance of having values in business

We love chasing big projects, but our values come first.

The importance of having values in business

Of course, every company will claim to have a set of strong beliefs and moral standards which influence their practice. But our values really are at the heart of everything we do and who we are.

After all, the Everest Story isn’t so much about a business – it’s about the people behind it. The couple who made the courageous decision to set it up, the team of talented professionals they brought together and our clients who we’ve partnered with to succeed together.

Everest Media wasn’t just set up to be an agency with only quick, easy growth and profit in mind. We all want to be the best we can be, and we want to share our incredible office spirit with you.

So, what are Everest Media’s core values?

We believe passionately in what we do, the relationships we build and our wider impact. These important beliefs translate into the objectives, ambitions and values which drive everything we do:

  • Responsibility. We honour our commitments and take accountability for our actions. We're committed to solving problems and we are trustworthy. We don't lack courage.
  • Quality. We are big picture thinkers and committed to making an impact. We take pride in what we do and go the extra mile. We're not average or unmotivated.
  • Collaboration. We're known for sharing knowledge and creating partnerships. We work together as a team. We don't compete and we don't hide information.
  • Learning. We're bold and continually evolving. We lead innovation and welcome new ideas. We don't get intimidated, defensive or stumped by change.
  • Kindness. This means we're supportive and positive. We're thoughtful and easy to talk to. We're never disrespectful, rude or arrogant.

These principles are vital to our identity. We promise to take a human approach and base decisions on our values and the business that we want to be.

We believe in people, and making sure individuals can meet their true potential. But this needs to be done in the right way. Big efforts have been made to make sure that Team Everest is made up of people who share the same ethics and vision.

Image credit: Toby Weller.

After all, you often spend more time with your work colleagues than your families – so enjoying time together is a must. If we’re not working hard in the office, we’ll be out team building and getting to know each other.

We also believe in the perfect work/life balance. So, where better to be based than Cornwall? Our home gives us several advantages, not just in life but also in business. Check them out here.

Our values are authentic and exciting. We're proud to share them with you. They help us serve you and your business better, they commit us to delivering what we promise, and doing that in the most efficient and impressive way possible. Take a look at some of the impressive achievements we've delivered for our clients.

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