We're learning how COVID-19 has affected business in Cornwall

Our latest research report and supporting webinar are coming soon.

We're learning how COVID-19 has affected business in Cornwall

The global pandemic has vastly changed how we do business. But despite the challenges we've faced, we want to reflect a positive light on businesses in Cornwall that have navigated the global pandemic and capitalised on new opportunities.

So, we're working on a new report to do just that.

We're supporting the report with a webinar to provide a more in-depth view from some of Cornwall's business leaders and give examples of practical actions to implement the recovery action plan into your business.

What's in the report?

We're speaking to business leaders across a range of industries to understand the impact of the pandemic and what the future holds for businesses in Cornwall and the South West.

Learning from them, we present a recovery action plan to guide you through your digital transformation journey towards the new normal.

"In a world where wellbeing and life are elements of Lifetime Productivity, why wouldn’t knowledge workers want to live in Cornwall?"
- Kim Conchie, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Where can you read the report?

The report is now available. Click here to sign up for the report and your recovery action plan.

Alternatively, complete the form below and we'll send you a copy. 


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