Why our Agile approach delivers better results

Why our Agile approach delivers better results

Our Agile mindset means we deliver incrementally, adapt quickly, and continually improve.

The success of a project depends on how much we delight you as our client. But it's not just about the end result, we know the importance of keeping you happy at every step along the way. That's where Agile comes in.

Simply, Agile is a way of working that focuses on collaborating, adapting and improving. If you're unfamiliar with Agile, here's a useful video to introduce you to the principles and values.

The Agile mindset is at the core of how we work as a team, and it resonates with our values. We work together, we embrace change, and we continually improve.

Here's why our Agile approach delivers better results.

We work together

"What really stood out to me was the focus on collaboration, working together, preferably face to face," says Allanah Armondi, Operations Director and Co-founder.

"You can't help a client if you don't know what problems they are trying to solve."

Our first step is always getting to know you. By understanding the problems you're trying to solve and the goals you're trying to reach, we make sure we create the project that will get you where you want to be.

Then, we keep you in the loop. We work as an extension of your team, involving you at every stage of the journey. Building a genuine relationship means we work better together, and with strong communication we easily adapt and improve to achieve great things.

Collaboration is just as important amongst our internal team. We achieve so much more as a team because we share our knowledge and experience, which means we achieve even more for you as our client.

We embrace change

Using Agile, we deliver in regular increments. We don't wait until a project is complete before handing it over. We work in short sprints, so you're never more than two weeks away from the next milestone.

This means we adapt quickly to meet changing demands and keep on track. It also means that if something isn't working or needs a different approach, we identify and react sooner rather than later so we're always using our time most effectively.

We continually improve

The finished project is often different to the project we set out with, and that's okay. Client needs change and develop as the project progresses and it's potential becomes clearer. We adapt, improve and evolve the project to meet and exceed changing ambitions.

Allanah says:

"My favourite part of the Agile mindset is always wanting to improve things. I want to make things better; for clients, for my team, for Everest. And that's why being Agile is so important to me."

Often as we work through a project we'll also identify further opportunities to support the original project. For example, as we worked with housing provider Livin on building a new website, we recognised the need for content and SEO support to help the team write more effective and engaging content for the new website.

We worked with Livin to provide resources, skills and training in these areas, providing the foundations to continually develop and improve the site and deliver better results. Our Agile approach allowed us to identify and act upon these opportunities early on. We delivered the projects in unison and the Livin team were ready to make compelling, effective content from the outset.

Final thoughts

There are many different Agile methodologies to implement an Agile mindset. We've been on a journey of discovery to find what works best for our team and delights our clients.

By working together, embracing change, and constantly improving, we achieve great things. Read more about our approach and how we work.

Find out what running an Agile agency means to our Operations Director and Co-founder, Allanah.

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