Why software testing is a must for your company's digital triumph

Software Tester, Scott, shares the seven major principles to follow for optimum testing and explains why testing is a key requirement for digital success.

Why software testing is a must for your company's digital triumph

“All of us make mistakes.”

“In fact, humans make mistakes all the time, in all aspects of life. In the technology field, this is where Software Testing is not just an advantageous undertaking, but it is a requirement.”

“Let me explain – some mistakes we make are unimportant, but some of them are expensive or even dangerous.”

He added: “In order to produce an effective software application that performs well Software Testing is required.

“It is vitally important to ensure that the application does not result in any failures. It can be exceptionally expensive to rectify at later stages of the development life-cycle.

“There are numerous reasons that indicate why Software Testing is important, and what the prime factors that we need to consider while testing any software product are.”

We can break all these factors down to just seven basic Software Testing principles:

  1. Testing shows the presence of defects
    Testing can show defects are present, but cannot prove that there are no defects.
  2. Exhaustive testing is impossible
    Testing everything including all combinations of inputs and preconditions is simply not possible. Instead of running exhaustive testing we can use risks and priorities to focus testing efforts in a more efficient manner.
  3. Early testing
    Testing should start as early as possible and should be focused on clearly defined objectives.
  4. Defect clustering
    A small number of modules contain most of the defects discovered during pre-release testing.
  5. Pesticide Paradox
    New bugs will not be found if the same tests are forever repeated. To overcome this we review test cases regularly.
  6. Testing is context dependent
    Different kinds of software are tested in diverse ways. All software has differing uses and can be applied to a range of environments.
  7. Absence of errors fallacy
    If the system built is unusable and does not fulfil the user’s needs and expectations, then locating and fixing defects does not help at all.

Software Testing is not complex, but it needs to be applied with the necessary attitude.

“Software Testing is expensive, in terms of the time and effort put in” added Scott. “But yet in many companies it is seldom implemented at a level which provides any solid assurance that the produced software will operate effectively and efficiently, or even correctly come to think of it”.

“Every single human makes mistakes. It is vital that the discipline of testing is implemented at every level of the software development life-cycle.”

He added: “At Everest Media we all strive to attain the highest possible standards when it comes to the software that we create.

“A fundamental aspect of the creative process is testing. That is why we test. Then we test again, and then we test some more - just for good measure.”

Software Testing - so what?

You may be wondering why you need to know about Software Testing. We've told you about how it can help you avoid dangerous and expensive mistakes, but what about the wider business impact?

While there are a number of bonuses to software testing, we'll highlight the key points. Essentially, it provides senior management with reassurance that the software or website will do what it should, how it should.

Testing also ensures a faster return on investment. Once the product is live more money time is spent refining the product, rather than finding bugs. It helps prevent software projects becoming black holes that just swallow money, as at each step quality has been ensured.

Want to see the benefits of Software Testing for yourself?

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