Why we love working in Cornwall

Find out why Cornwall is the perfect place for our software development and digital agency to thrive.

Why we love working in Cornwall

Working for a software development and digital agency in Cornwall comes with many perks. We believe happy teams do awesome work, and living in Cornwall allows us to find the work/life balance that makes us happy.

Our home means a lot to us, and we want to share the reasons why where we work influences how we work.

Beautiful beaches and open spaces

At Everest we champion the balance of work and life. After all, it was a Cornish sunset which enticed our MDs to follow their business dream to Cornwall.

Our beaches and stunning open spaces are priceless. Management meetings often take place at a beach café, just a ten-minute drive away.

Let’s not forget Heartlands, across the road, for a stress-free stroll through the Diaspora Botanical Gardens. A perfect way to achieve peace of mind.

It’s a hub of tech talent

We were shortlisted for a Cornwall Live EDGE Award in 2018. This prestigious event proved that Cornwall is packed with incredible talent.

Further proof came when the list of ‘Cornwall’s 50 digital entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place’ was published. Our co-founders, Sam and Allanah Armondi were proud to be included alongside some truly remarkable people.

Cornwall’s thriving hub of tech entrepreneurs features diverse and far-reaching experts. Vitally, this means young people can be inspired to choose a tech career right here.

We're also incredibly well-connected in Cornwall, though it might surprise you. Quality communication and transport links mean we can be an international business while still keeping a local presence.

Cornish community spirit

We believe that working together and supporting others is the best way to deliver high-end and principled results.

Cornwall is known for it’s strong sense of community spirit. Working here means we often mix with familiar faces and mutual contacts identify opportunities to collaborate. We love this. It’s an honour to be invited to speak at events all over the county, to network and work with some brilliant brands.

Super start-ups and independents

Our good friends at Business Cornwall recently shared a story revealing 2018 was a Record Year for Start-ups in Cornwall. Despite economic and political uncertainty, thousands of new businesses registered in the Duchy last year.

We're excited to see people choosing to make Cornwall their home and set up a business here. As we say, just because we're based at the bottom of the UK, our reach is by no means restricted - quite the opposite.

Impressive independent businesses can be found all over Cornwall too, demonstrating the creativity and expertise we know the county is renowned for.

Inspirational Heritage

In the beautiful Cornish landscape, inspiration is everywhere. Cornwall’s mining past can still be seen and admired today, locally at the likes of South Crofty and East Pool. The achievements of names like Davy, Murdoch and Trevithick need no explanation either.

Heading further west takes us to Porthcurno. This tiny village once boasted the largest telegraph station in the world. The extraordinary work done here to lead a global communications revolution, way before the Internet, smartphones and social media were even thought of.

World communications would look very different, if the pioneering work carried out in this quiet Cornish setting had not happened. So, as a team of coders and techies – there can be no better inspiration.

Cornish Cuisine

We’re an office of self-confessed, passionate foodies. You'll often find us sharing our latest recipes or the new restaurant we tried at the weekend. Those of our team born on the other side of the Tamar are being quickly educated on the laws of Cornish cuisine - jam must always come first on a cream tea, and let’s not even get into pasty politics.

In 2019 we enjoyed a Staff Away Day at Coombeshead Farm, enjoying some of the finest local produce. We spent the day honing our baking talents, working together (and competing) to make a variety of delicious breads.

So, meur ras Kernow (Thank you, Cornwall)

We're so fortunate to work in and be a part of the Cornish community. It honestly shapes our business ethos and what we stand for.

The joy we get working here motivates our entire team, while the business opportunities are exciting and diverse.

Interested in being a part of our team? Take a look at our current opportunities.

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