Note: due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement we are not able to share specific client details.


The outline of the project was to design and build a web platform for energy brokers to allow them to manage customers, contracts, renewals, quotes and commission.


The challenge set by our client was to build a cloud based, multi-tenanted SaaS platform which would support energy brokerage by allowing brokers to add details of their customer’s locations, meters, supply contracts and rates. It needed the ability to allow brokers to import price quotations from any supplier and convert these to a common format for storage, reporting and data analysis.

It needed to be a modular, open design to allow custom modules to be developed for individual brokers with PDF reporting functionality. It needed to support quotations in a variety of formats including (but not exclusive to) single rate, time of use, season, time of day etc.


We were able to provide our client with a website which allowed them rapid access to key information, a website which was intuitive, self-explanatory with an easy user interface accessible to all skill levels. The website ultimately reduced the time it took broker to produce a cost comparison report from 30 minutes to two! It also gave brokers a system whereby automated alerts were generated to inform them about any contracts coming to an end, or any contracts which needed renewing, increasing customer retention and reducing missed opportunities.