Note: due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement we are not able to share specific client details.


The project brief was to design and build a tool to visualise gas flowing into the UK from various pipelines.


Our client required a number of features within the build: collection of data at five-minute intervals, using data provided via an API; the ability to track, analyse, store and report on gas flowing into the UK from different pipelines; the ability to analyse and display (along with track) storage levels at a specific storage facility; visualisation components to display flows on charts or a map and to show moving averages; the ability to extend this project to display electricity generated information.


Our client worked with us, attending a number of workshops to identify the most efficient way of delivering the project. Using an Agile approach we were able to achieve for our client a rapid access to key information from various platforms; built an intuitive, self-explanatory user interface which was easily accessible to both experts and novices using the system; the trading team were able to get an early warning of changes to supply levels, helping them identify where they needed to focus their time.