Developing an interactive digital platform to transform business growth support

The client

Unlocking Potential is a business support organisation funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

They help businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to start, grow and innovate.

The opportunity

Unlocking Potential needed to develop a platform to digitise some of their business diagnostic and development tools.

The goal was to provide a plethora of useful resources that their clients could access online, in their own time. Unlocking Potential's Business Development Managers also needed the ability to co-create their client's online action plan to support them through the programme and navigate them towards success.

Unlocking Potential explained, "we were already successful doing this in person but with paper and pens. We wanted to do something that was more efficient, more slick and more interactive."

Unlocking Potential chose us to complete their project via a competitive tender process. Their team was impressed with our demonstration of technical expertise, thorough application and experience with similar projects.

Working with Everest

“I really rate Everest. They are efficient, they are confident, they are honest and they know what they are doing.

I have been able to feel relaxed and confident that I was understood by the Everest team. I felt like they really listened to me - so I felt like part of the team.”

Unlocking potential

The outcome

We worked closely with the Unlocking Potential team to develop the project; a customer-facing web tool that helps Business Development Managers to diagnose business needs and create a growth and innovation plan.

We started with a detailed discovery to explore and understand the project in depth before starting the build.

Unlocking Potential saw the value in discovery immediately; "Whilst this needed an investment of time, they 'got it' quickly and this process was outstanding; it enabled us to do all the thinking and decision making and understanding of the impacts up-front, which saved a huge amount of time and detailed to-ing and fro-ing later on.

"This meant that when the build started, it was smooth, slick and the project came together quickly."

The project provides an interactive, easy to use platform that clients can access in their own time and assess their growth.

The portal acts as a main first area of contact with the Unlocking Potential team. Encouraging the client to provide more information to the Business Development Manager at the first point of contact results in a more effective expression of interest and helps Unlocking Potential to help clients more effectively.

Progress and answers are stored in the system and can be accessed by the client and their Business Development Manager.

"This project has enabled us to bring these activities into one place, online and means clients and our Business Development Managers can work on the plans together on screen and records will be saved without printing, scanning and photocopying."

"Everest took the time to really explore and understand our project so we had ironed out all the details before they began the build. This meant the project was smooth, slick, and came together quickly."

Unlocking Potential

The intuitive tool allows Business Development Managers to quickly identify areas for growth.

Now complete, the interactive platform delivers a plethora of benefits to Unlocking Potential and their clients.

Introducing an interactive portal that acts as the first point of contact with the Unlocking Potential team allows for a more effective expression of interest. Business Development Managers have a more detailed overview of the client's position and goals earlier, helping them diagnose how to support clients more effectively.

As they progress through the growth plan, Business Development Managers and clients can work together more effectively. Everything is now kept in one central, online place to replace the collection of spreadsheets, paper forms and scanned copies that the team used previously.

Digitally transforming the existing process has streamlined admin for Unlocking Potential's Business Development Managers with a huge paper, time and cost saving. The tool integrates with their CRM to avoid duplication and allow a more effective use of time.

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