provides the simplest method of downloading the most up to date versions of the best software from a highly trusted source. It’s an informative and engaging platform for millions of users across the globe, providing visitors with daily updates to its enormous catalogue of software titles, plus product reviews and the latest news from the technology sector.

The site is also a great resource for advertisers to promote software or other products, serving more than 250m monthly impressions in eight different languages. Advertisers are provided the opportunity to increase reach through display advertising, affiliate deals and outreach through content marketing and social campaigns.


First off, we conducted an in-depth analysis to identify any issues that may be hindering organic search performance, including keyword research to understand the audience better and identify new targeting opportunities.

This was backed-up with a thorough market analysis in order to identify partnership opportunities and define the strategy.

We were then able to maximise performance of existing partner relationships by increasing CPMs, targeting new countries, upgrade technology and introduce new ad products; re-defining the advertising package to broaden its offering and open the inventory to new advertisers.


Despite the site’s popularity, SEO performance was suffering due to algorithm updates on major search engines and competition from other software providers.

In addition to seeing a decline in traffic and downloads through organic search, there had been significant changes to display performance. As a result, many of FilehHippo’s advertisers’ models were no longer viable, resulting in several campaigns ending.

They also required support to define a strategy building on affiliate partnerships and providing more comparative content for users who had not yet decided on their product selection.


Our digital performance team and technical practice identified the scope and implementation improvements following a lean and agile approach. The platform had to remain active during the integration of any new requirements, and additional testing was performed to maintain the integrity of the site.

Significant technical improvements were implemented along with optimised SEO copy resulting in a more accessible and search engine friendly solution.

An upgrade to the advertising technology enabled an increase in the CPM’s while introducing new ad products allowed us to explore new inventory and advertisers in the market.

A redefined product catalogue for advertising has enabled FileHippo to reach out to new partners the market with a much more attractive offering. It has also allowed them to pre-qualify potential advertisers at an earlier stage by promoting our products directly from the site.