Piriform specialise in PC optimisation software, and their flagship product has been downloaded over a billion times and is estimated to run on almost 25% of the world’s PCs!


Piriform began development of CCleaner Cloud (formerly Agomo), a cloud based PC monitoring and optimisation tool designed to complement CCleaner, one of the world’s most popular PC optimisation tools. The new product was designed to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, and collect, process, and display a large amount of real-time data.

Design and development was awarded to an offshoring company prior to Everest Media’s involvement. With the release date looming and stakeholder expectations mounting, they realised that the outsourced provider was unable to deliver the project.

During the testing cycle, significant defects were also discovered which made the product unstable and impossible to scale to anything beyond a few hundred users, making it impossible to launch the product or conduct any further testing.