Let's discover your next project

Ready for your next project? Unsure what questions to ask before getting started? Project discovery is a low-risk way to frame your project and help you make key decisions in the early stages.

Whether you have a clear idea of your project or just an early concept, we'll work with you to get your project off to the best possible start. You'll walk away with a tangible report and solid recommendations to make your project a success. With this deeper understanding of your project, we'd hope to work with you to deliver the project as your long term partner.

Let's work together to reach your goals.

Why do you need project discovery?

We start every project with discovery to gain a more complete view of your product. It empowers you to make stronger decisions and sets the foundations for a successful project.

Reduce risk and uncertainty

Establish a clear roadmap

Determine most effective use of resource

Inform key decisions

Get recommendations for success

You'll walk away with a clear road map and recommendations of what to prioritise and where best to invest your time and resource.

What's the value of discovery?

"Whilst [discovery] needed an investment of time, Everest 'got it' quickly and this process was outstanding; it enabled us to do all the thinking, decision making and understanding of the impacts up-front, which saved a huge amount of time and detailed to-ing and fro-ing later on.

"This meant that when the build started, it was smooth, slick, and the project came together quickly."

Unlocking Potential

Choose a discovery that works for you

In our discovery sessions, we'll work with you to understand what your project looks like. We'll outline what we want to achieve, what the current picture looks like, and how we bridge the gap. We also identify the key stakeholders and consider their needs to make sure your project is exactly what it needs to be.

Together, we'll workshop and validate your project with a light discovery package.

  • Workshop - 2 hours

As an output of the workshop, you can expect:

  • Write-up of meeting
  • Validation
  • Testing
  • Recommendation Report

With a full discovery package, we'll prepare insights of your current website and SEO performance and conduct competitor research. Then we'll workshop your project with you, and recommend a solid plan to get your project started.

  • Workshop(s) - up to 4 hours

The goal of the workshop(s) is to develop a really clear idea of how the project will come together. We'll create:

  • User flows and wireframes for the key processes
  • Wireframes for the key screens
  • An initial list of the features/tasks/components that will make up the project (a backlog)

As an output of the workshop, you can expect:

  • User stories with acceptance criteria, notes and estimates
  • Key user and data flows
  • Low-fi wireframes of key screens
  • Recommended tech stack
  • Next step recommendations

In preparation for the workshop, we will:

  • Review analytics from your current website to understand how your customers are currently using the site
  • Perform competitor/peer research to identify approaches that may inspire your project
  • Review your current SEO performance and potential to ensure we capture any opportunities in the project

Is your project more complex, or are you not sure what type of discovery is right for you? Talk to us and we'll recommend your next steps.

We'll create a custom, bespoke discovery to suit your needs and get your project off to the best start.

Ready to talk about discovery?

Let's get your project off to a great start.